Marietta City Cemetery


The City Cemetery is located at:
Marietta City Cemetery
395 Powder Springs Street
Marietta, GA 30064

About the City Cemetery

It is in Land Lot 1290, District 16. It was established in the 1830s and provides the final resting place for a broad cross section of the community's early residents, notably without the barriers between different races, religions and backgrounds common to Georgia at that time.

Cobb County Georgia Cemeteries

Cobb County Georgia Cemeteries, Vol. I, pages 252-352, refers to this as "Citizens Cemetery" and lists those buried there.

This text is available for reference at the Cobb County Central Library, located at:
Cobb County Central Library
266 Roswell Street
Georgia Room
Marietta, GA 30060

Find a Grave-Site

To find the grave-site of specific individuals use the Marietta City Cemetery Mapping Application.

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